In my dictionary of contemplating thoughts trekking is synonym of life, because our life is exactly how trekking is. Every human being experiences different things in different stages of life. Trekking also unveils various new things that a person hasn’t experienced in life. The initial distance covered in order to reach any destination is like the first stage of life. We are new to this world in real life in first stage and new to the world of nature and panoramas while trekking. Even the smallest thing could make us happy and go crazy during this stage, be it toys, dresses and cartoons in real life or streams, butterflies, birds, spider webs and plants while trekking.

The excitement of the trek moves on to the second gear of seriousness after covering 1/4th of the distance. This is similar to the second stage of life where a person gets career oriented and starts taking life seriously. The tension to reach our goal (in life)/ destination (in trekking) increases with every step we take. Suddenly we start believing that every step taken towards the trekking destination is taking us away from it; so is the struggle for achievement in real life. The trail goes up and the trail goes down, just like the ups and downs of life.

The third stage of life makes us old and weak, which is comparable to the final distance while trekking. Near to end, every single moment in life and every step while trekking weakens us constantly. Finally, salvation is attained and the beauty of the surroundings is absorbed by us, after reaching the destination. A person wishes nothing more in life after reaching the desired destination, behind which lies courage to make it possible and an unforgettable experience. The life of a human ends up in the similar way, where our soul becomes free from material benefits and leaves our body.

While walking back on the trail, a trekking enthusiast senses a new beginning with cleansed soul and in context with the life, human soul searches for a new body to reside in after the death – for a new beginning in different form of life.


I don’t know if I have done justice towards elucidating my thoughts, but this is what I strongly believe in. If you find it all confusing, I suggest you to go for a trek and after experiencing that you will be able to comprehend the meaning of what I wrote. Seven days of trekking might teach you more about life, rather than simply living seven months.

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