On my recent trek to Roopkund I was a bit reluctant whether to carry my tripod or not. My love for photographing nature in its truest form insisted me to carry tripod in the end but I could hardly take it out of my bag. While returning from Baguabasa we camped at Bedni Bugyal.

Finally I got lucky this time as the sky was clear and stars were visible. At 9pm on that freezing night, I came outside my tent and set up my tripod to capture stars. There is no infinity (∞) mark on my 18-135mm lens so it was quite a task to set my focus at distant stars. So I focused on moon which acted as my infinity mark and then I started capturing the starry trails. The results weren’t exceptional but it fascinated me as this was the first time I was doing night photography of stars. Today I am satisfied with my decision to have taken the tripod on this trek.

Here are few samples:

Trishul Peak

Big Dipper constellation

Look closely for shooting star

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