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There was a time when I hesitantly ordered a product from and my fingers were literally shivering while choosing the cash on delivery option. That was the first time I trusted an online shopping portal and Jabong stood by the promises made by them. It’s hard to earn customers trust, even harder to maintain that level of respect but Jabong has never let me down till date.


There are so many reasons why I like shopping at Jabong.combut I have compressed the list into ten points:

Jabong Coupons


Crazy for Coupons: Creating an account, referring this site to a friend, shopping through credit card… the list goes on. Whatever you do, you get extra discount coupons that you can avail while purchasing products on Jabong. So now you can proudly say amongst your friends that this Nike shoes is available in the market at Rs. 4,000 but I bought it from Jabong at Rs. 3,250. And don’t dig remaining amount in your pocket, buy something more with it, it will make you much happier.


Detailed Pictures: This online shopping portal is more or less like a shopping mall at your finger tips where models walk in front of you in different clothes and different poses so that you can make up your mind which one is better or best suited for you. And the pictures of shoes, furniture and clothes are of such great quality that you won’t miss a single detail.


Follow the trend: From past few weeks Jabong has become my pass time. Even if I don’t feel like shopping I surf the website to look different unique products available in the market and share it with friends who might be interested. Following latest trend has become easy and you would never look outdated anymore. On boring office days I log in to this website and hours pass swiftly. The website showcases several pretty models as well in attractive clothes – If you know what I mean.

Stay in fashion with latest magazine by Jabong

Wide range of products: There are such wide array of products available on Jabong that sometimes it is hard to focus on any one product and I end up buying two products – “is that a marketing strategy, I always wonder”. But on a serious note this is the idea to meet needs of shoppers with different tastes and preferences. From exclusive top brands to easy on pocket Indian brands, you will find it all on Jabong.

If you go to a shopping mall they show you limited shoes, and then you walk to other showroom and other. Most of the times it gets tiring and sometimes it is really frustrating when sales guy tries to convince you again and again. My question – why do all that when you can surf thousands of shoes all at one place?

Never miss the trend


Something new always: I see fresh arrivals every time I visit this website. Jabong offers something new always. It is a store for everyone. There are times when I show amazing household products to my mother on Jabong and order it for her, in return I get food on demand or my mother tackles with the situation when I get home late at night.

User friendly: Jabong is a user friendly site. Click on the tags, price range, brand you prefer, categories you want to surf and then keep scrolling to see every product. Now you won’t have to say this anymore “bhaiya isme chhota size milega kya” because every single detail will automatically appear in front of you.

Good Price and Better Discount: Products on Jabong are not only attractively priced but you can also avail discount on most of the products. Discounted products have an added advantage because shopaholics like me are easily lured by such deals.


How would you like to pay: Its month end, you don’t have any money left, you see an amazing product on Jabong, you are afraid that it might get sold out. Don’t worry, buy it with your credit card. It might also fetch you with an extra discount. Always remember – “free ka khana aur phokat ka discount should always be welcomed.

You can also make payment via net banking and your debit card, it is as safe as a butterfly sitting on your finger. For all those who are still afraid of paying cash online can always choose COD (cash on delivery). And trust me there are people who first tear the box and see whether things are intact and then pay for it to the delivery guy, I don’t know whether it is right or not but it’s definitely funny. If I ever encounter any such situation I will laugh and say – “kya item log hain”.


Timely Delivery: This might be hard to believe but there are days when I ordered a product on a particular day and it was delivered to me the very next day. I guess Jabong believes in “under commit and over deliver,” because on their website they show 3-5 days delivery time and deliver it at the earliest.


Funny Ads: The commercials of Jabong have hit the right cord. It is crazy, it is true and its funny. First it was the guy who was frustrated with all the facilities provided by Jabong but now boys have become crazy about shopping as well. The latest commercial is better than previous one mainly because I found myself relatively similar to the guy in the ad buying adventure sports products. Previously girls went gaga about the shopping but I guess Jabong wants to change that pattern by introducing wide range of products for mens as well.

Stills from commercial


Previously my father used to say “why do you always purchase online, cant you shop in a showroom” but after seeing Jabong commercials my frequent shopping doesn’t bother him anymore.


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