While sitting on the office chair in front of the desk, everyone invites laziness to their body and driving a car is just another topping to it. Thus, workout has become an important part of daily routine for most of the people living in metropolitan cities and people living in metropolitan cities are extremely concerned about what they are wearing. The gymming wardrobe should not only be of perfect fitting that helps you in stretching but it should also look stylish to make you feel comfortable while working out.

Here is your guide to be fashionable while working out:

Gymming Essentials for Women

  • ¾ Tights are an ideal choice for women as it helps you in stretching with ease and adds to that professional gymming look.
  • If you are unfit to wear ¾ Tights then you can opt for Workout Pants but make sure that they don’t slide down during a vigorous run.
  • A fitness top with breathable fabric and capable of wicking away sweat is a must for every women who is into gymming or is planning to start. Make sure that it’s not too tight.
  • If you are into Yoga then Comfy Pants will be perfect for you as it will even stay up during downward dog.
  • Headband is an added accessory to keep your hair in place at the gym as it is very annoying when your concentration is interrupted by hair.
  • Do buy yourself a running shoe and choose an appropriate size which will make sure your heels won’t slip out of it.




Gymming Essentials for Men

  • Avoid Shirts.
  • Buy fitted t-shirts that gives you enough room to stretch your arms with ease. Wearing a comfortable sweatshirt will be perfect for your body.
  • Choose your shoes wisely. Avoid leather shoes in every way.
  • It’s wise to wear shorts as it gives your legs room to breathe during cardio exercises.
  • If you have decided days for upper body workouts then wear track pants on those days.
  • If you are planning to buy Fitness Pants then make sure it is made of the fabric that won’t create the dreaded muffin-top effect on the knee area.
  • Buy sweatbands either for head or for wrists or for both. It will not only add to your gym looks but also make sure that you take gymming seriously.


*Pack smartly while you are going for gym. 1 gymming bag, couple of sachets of Gatorade, a bottle and your clothes, that’s all you need to hit the gym.


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