Education is overpowering knowledge in present times. Majority of individuals give priority to education rather than seeking knowledge. Back in mythological times when Vedas were written knowledge was a never ending process seeking which people succeeded in achieving wisdom. In the modern world students are inclined towards scoring good grades, completing graduation and post graduation from reputed universities like Delhi University, IIM, IIT, etc.

No matter how much these people earn or how skilled they become in their area of specialization, wisdom stays at bay from them. Rishi’s, sadhus and yogis used to be most knowledgeable persons but in Kali Yuga even they have become lured by maya of money, I experienced this while on my recent visit to Kedarnath temple.

More than anything else life is a learning experience. With every breath you take, every step you walk, life teaches something but the trick is that you must be able to comprehend the hidden meaning behind it.

For Example:

I saw excavated body of a buffalo which made me depressed about the fact that everyone I know and care about will die one day. Then I saw a bitch feeding her two new born small pups, this incident brought a smile on my face. God gave us capability to give life before we die. Suddenly I realised that life and death are vital part of life.

Moments later I saw an old man sleeping on a charpai out in the open feeling the warmth of sun. His days of living will soon end and then I saw a young boy passing by him who has to experience so much about life.

I saw all these peeking out of the window while travelling in bus to Rishikesh.

Life is an experience which gives us opportunity to seek knowledge and inspiration in whatever that is around us. Even if you see random things for few seconds you can learn great meaning out of it, but yes it also depends on the connection. If you see hundreds of things in a day then you will be able to connect with only couple of them. The more you give thought and time towards such small things more you will learn (based on my personal experiences).

Inspiration can be observed in anything, some might call this crazy but I believe in it. Education is limited to books but knowledge is everywhere around us waiting for you to catch it just like the radio waves.

Keep exploring, keep observing, keep thinking.


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