In today’s world, fast internet speed gives you opportunity to use your download limit to its full potential. We download wallpapers, songs, software and most importantly MOVIES. While you can watch movie online by buffering, another option (the best one) is to download movie via torrents. I mean who wants buffering interruption in the middle of movies. Moreover it gives you freedom to share it with others, you can even sell them (cheap trick to earn money).

Some call it piracy and some don’t. The best thing about torrent websites is that you get free torrents for almost every movie. There are movies which are hard to find in stores, such movies are easily available on torrent websites. I particularly enjoy watching foreign language movies, be it Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Iranian or even Mongolian. And trust me, I couldn’t find such movies even in popular stores.

Artists are in every corner of the world and everyone has their own way of storytelling, which I have started respecting. Now, even most of the American movies seem to be immature. In this post I have discussed about Foreign Language Movies in detail.

Torrent website gives you the flexibility to choose what you want to see. And some of the filmmakers appreciate these websites for spreading their work to global audience. There are movies made in small countries which fail to make it to the theatres of other countries, those movies are spread through torrents.

A true artist desires his art to be viewed and appreciated globally in order to teach, rather than making money. For example, Richard Schenkman, director of the movie – THE MAN FROM EARTH, personally thanked torrent websites for spreading his movie. It is one of the best movies of this decade, but certainly not for every moviegoer.

And there are movies like The Dark Knight, Lord of The Rings, etc. which have made enough money that even if their torrents spread like fire, it won’t affect their business.

10 Steps to Download Movies

  1. Install uTorrent on your computer. Download uTorrent here:
  2. and are the best websites where you can get genuine torrents.
  3. While searching for the movie torrent always make sure that S (Seeds) is atleast 10 in number. It ensures that the movie is being uploaded on the internet from minimum 10 computers.
  4. Before downloading movie do check the comments and star ratings, it gives you the idea about the quality of the movie print.
  5. Avoid files which say .rar, .zip, .exe in the end. They are fake.
  6. There are many files which come with sample video and sample pictures of the print. If you come across such torrent file, then try to download the samples first.
  7. If movie torrents have no samples or comments, then you have no other choice but to download it.
  8. After downloading the torrents you have to open torrent file in uTorrent to start downloading the movie.
  9. When downloading reaches around 70-80% you can try to play the file. Again just to ensure the quality and genuineness of the print. You can still save 20% of your download if the torrent is fake.
  10. When downloading is finished, Watch Good Stuff !!

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