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Dodi Tal Trek - Romance with Nature

Dodi Tal Trek – Romance with Nature

Nestled amidst high mountains and dense forest at a picture perfect location, Dodital is an emerald lake offering serene and tranquil environs. Situated at an altitude of 3,310mts above sea level, Dodital is one of the most beautiful high altitude lakes of India. Popular with nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts,...
Har ki Doon Trek - Enter the Valley of Gods

Har ki Doon Trek – Enter the Valley of Gods

Har ki Doon is a cradle shaped valley situated on the south east of Jaundhar Glacier at an elevation of 3,566mts above sea level. It is one of the hidden valleys of Uttarakhand offering virgin beauty of nature. This is an ideal trek for beginners and those who are new...
Before Midnight - Minimal Poster

Before Midnight – Minimal Poster

Before Midnight is the third installment of the trilogy. Its a gem of a movie where both Celine and Jesse have developed as much more matured characters and their conversations are even more intensified. I just hope that Richard Linklater plans to make another part of this movie, thus making...
Subway Ad - Minimal Poster

Subway Ad – Minimal Poster

Everyone has their own reasons of loving Subway, and why shouldn’t they. Its SUBWAY!    
Those Three Dots

Those Three Dots

The piercing sun during noon casting its rays directly above me made it difficult to open my eyes. I couldn’t even move my hands to use it as a curtain between the sun and my face, just so that I can open my eyes. Laid on hot sand, lost amidst desert I felt...
Completing Panch Kedar - Urgam Valley to Toli Bugyal Trek

Completing Panch Kedar – Urgam Valley to Toli Bugyal Trek

Long Night In a desperate desire to complete Panch Kedar journey, I started planning to visit Kalpeshwar. Until now I had visited Kedarnath Temple(twice), Tungnath Temple (twice), Rudranath and Madhmaheshwar. Kalpeshhwar being the only temple of the sacred Panch Kedars that I was left with, led to the thought of...
Ambi Pur Commercial – Smelly Air to Smiley Air

Ambi Pur Commercial – Smelly Air to Smiley Air

I have always been passionate about conveying message through words and visuals. I have been practicing photography and writing from quite a few years now and one day I thought of trying my hands at shooting a commercial.   Few months back while I was reading newspaper on a Sunday...
The Prestige - Minimalist Poster

The Prestige – Minimalist Poster

Christopher Nolan is really a magician to make several great movies, one of that lot is – The Prestige. A movie based on the life of two rival magicians. The climax of this movie is arguably one of the best. Here is it’s Minimal Poster.
Most Annoying Vehicle Awards (Minimalist Poster)

Most Annoying Vehicle Awards (Minimalist Poster)

Presenting Minimal Poster of The Most Annoying Vehicle Award. Delhi was initially cursed by BRT Corridor but Gramin Seva is just icing on the cake.  
The Man from Earth - Minimalist Poster

The Man from Earth – Minimalist Poster

Do you think that a movie entirely shot inside a room and its premises can be considered as Sci-Fi? The Man from Earth will answer your question indeed. With just conversation between several professors, this movie has its moments that are capable of giving you hair-raising effects. Don’t miss out...
Incomplete Roopkund Trek

Incomplete Roopkund Trek

Packed inside a high altitude sleeping bag in my tent, I was in a state of trance, partially asleep. “Chalo ready ho jao sab, ek ghante mein hum Roopkund ke liye niklenge”, I heard Dinesh (guide) shouting and blowing whistle. I switched on LED lamp and started searching for my...
Colourful Life

Colourful Life

                            Close your eyes. What do you see? Dark and empty blank space… Like you are standing in front of the blackboard but don’t know what to write. But when I close my eyes I imagine different...
The Starry Trail

The Starry Trail

On my recent trek to Roopkund I was a bit reluctant whether to carry my tripod or not. My love for photographing nature in its truest form insisted me to carry tripod in the end but I could hardly take it out of my bag. While returning from Baguabasa we...
Trekking - Synonym of Life

Trekking – Synonym of Life

In my dictionary of contemplating thoughts trekking is synonym of life, because our life is exactly how trekking is. Every human being experiences different things in different stages of life. Trekking also unveils various new things that a person hasn’t experienced in life. The initial distance covered in order to...
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Not My Life – An Important Documentary

Depicting the harsh realities of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale, “Not My Life” is a documentary that will leave you unsettling. Filmed on five continents, it took four years to make “Not My Life”. In this raw documentary, viewers are introduced to a world where millions of children are exploited through...

Trouble Sleeping? Go Camping!

This story was originally published by Inside Science News Service. Throughout most of human history, humans went to bed shortly after the sun went down and woke up in the morning as it rose. There were candles and later oil lamps, but the light was not very bright so people still went to bed early. Then...

With a Cisco Exam, Earning a Certification is Simple

The Cisco Learning Network is a leading provider of certification exams to IT and network professionals. The list of available exams is large, and the number of certifications that can be earned is high. Cisco offers the exams to individuals who are interested in gaining new skills and knowledge within this career field. The tests...
The Road Trip to Highlands

The Road Trip to Highlands

More than circumstances and hard times, it is travel that makes a person comprehend the true meaning of life. It was December 2004 when I started trekking in the Himalayas and I instantly fell in love with pure minimalistic beauty of nature. I walked the verdant landscapes, met honest villagers, played with their kids, survived...

Gymming Essentials for Men and Women

While sitting on the office chair in front of the desk, everyone invites laziness to their body and driving a car is just another topping to it. Thus, workout has become an important part of daily routine for most of the people living in metropolitan cities and people living in metropolitan cities are extremely concerned...
Aid for the Keeper of the Mountains

Aid for the Keeper of the Mountains

Uttarakhand is devastated at present. The army is the only major source that is helping the tourists evacuate from Uttarakhand. The locals are lending a helping hand to tourists in some places irrespective of knowing that they are running short of their resources. It is time we keep aside the hatred towards political motives of...
Caution: It's Hug Day

Caution: It’s Hug Day

Before Sunrise - Minimalist Poster

Before Sunrise – Minimalist Poster

Can mere dialogues between persons about random things make a good movie? If this question has ever bothered you then watch Before Sunrise for sure. A romantic movie set in Vienna where Ethan Hawke (Jesse) and Julie Delpy (Celine) meet on a train. The acting is so natural and dialogues so deep that it will make...
Andaaz Apna Apna - Minimalist Poster

Andaaz Apna Apna – Minimalist Poster

Andaaz Apna Apna is a movie that you can watch again and again without getting bored but you will laugh even harder with repeated viewings. Here is a small tribute to this hilarious movie in the form of a minimal poster.      
The Shawshank Redemption - Minimalist Poster

The Shawshank Redemption – Minimalist Poster

The Shawshank Redeption is an inspirational movie and nothing has been made anything like it until now. This minimalist poster represents the most powerful scene of the movie, if you don’t compare it with the climax. The climax of the movie left me spellbound and many of you I guess. If you like Prison movies...
Rang De Basanti - Minimalist Poster

Rang De Basanti – Minimalist Poster

Rang De Basanti is the best movie that has kept a balance between friendship, inner freedom and change. Every time I watch this movie my eyes become wet. The protests at India Gate started publicly after this movie was made. I still remember the day when I went to watch its shooting at India Gate...
Incendies - Minimalist poster

Incendies – Minimalist poster

                                                        Incendies is one of the best foreign language movies I have ever watched and it is arguably one of the best mystery movies.